Thursday 13 June 2019

Last Week of the E17 Art Trail 'Wonder' 2019

I was very kindly invited to exhibit at the Manual Instruction Centre Community Gardens in Walthamstow as part of this year's E17 Art Trail.
I gathered a mixed flock of birds, some new pieces and some from the Unsettled Gallery exhibitions with artist Alban Low.

I have been watching birds since I was a child when I would go on walks with my family.
The act of seeing birds, is curiously not just about using one's eyes; one also needs to listen carefully, to walk softly and not to move too abruptly. Learning where and when to look is also part of the knack.

The birds in the exhibition are dotted around the gardens, 10 in all, some harder to find than others. The exhibition makes a gentle demand on the viewer to take time to look in order to see.

The 8 Crows of the British Isles

The second part of the exhibition is about Crows. Crows are striking, strong and intelligent birds and many species have adapted to the rapid changes that we have brought to their natural habitats.

There are eight different species of crow found in Britain and Ireland, some are very common, others rare. Five of the eight crows can be seen in Walthamstow. How many have you spotted?

The final part of the exhibition is a poster about the now extinct Elephant birds. I wanted to reference the extinction of these gigantic birds as way of highlighting the plight of so many other creatures which are threatened with extinction.

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